A Weight Loss Surgery Patient's Pictures and Things

HW: 320ish
Preop Weight : 305.6
Surgery Date: June 1st, 2011
Current Weight: 181.2
UGW: 150
Total Loss since Start of Pre-op Diet: 124.4


Day 3


This week, filming videos again has seriously gotten me down in the dumps. I obviously have mirrors in my house…but its taken watching myself to realize how much weight I have gained. JESUS.

Day One


So, here I am many many months after. I gained about 50 pounds, no lieeeee. I was at my lowest of around 180 in November, and now I weigh nearly 230. I gained most of it in 6 weeks. As we all know, losing 50 pounds is hard fucking work, even with the band. I don’t think I even remember what its like to be a lapbander. FUCK MY LIFE.

Here’s my food diary for the day:

Breakfast - FF Choc Milk, Jay Robb Choc, 1 c strawberries

Lunch - Lean Cuisine

Dinner - 1/2 of a duck sandwich

Snack - FF Cheese stick & Granola Thin

870 Calories

78 protein

not bad for a first day.


My scale was out of battery for almost 3 months. I thought my band was eroded so I stopped working out. And in 3 months I gained 35 pounds.

How the hell did I not notice? What the fuck was I wearing?

I’m disappointed in myself.

Doctors: Anorexia is an epidemic, people need to eat.

Doctors: Obesity is an epidemic, people eat too much.

Society: People have unhealthy body images, accept your body the way it is!

Society: People should be more concerend about their health, exercise & eat right!

Media: Celebrities are way too skinny, they are setting a bad example for young girls.

Media: This singer gained 20 pounds, she must be really unhappy.

People: Being too skinny is gross, real women have curves.

People: Eww, fat rolls.

Friends: You're so pretty, you're not fat.

Friends: Eww I'm so gross, I need to lose weight.

Family: Don't starve yourself, eat. It's not that hard.

Family: You ate all of this for breakfast? What is wrong with you?

And people wonder why we have such distorted body images.