A Weight Loss Surgery Patient's Pictures and Things

HW: 320ish
Preop Weight : 305.6
Surgery Date: June 1st, 2011
Current Weight: 218.9
Lowest Weight: 180.5 in 11/2012
UGW: 150
Total Loss since Start of Pre-op Diet: 86.7


21 pounds

I weighed in at 205.7 today.

I feel much better emotionally and I feel great that I’ve lost weight. I’m eating now lol so everything looks to be on the up and up

Today I stand

At 211.7 lb. 15 pounds down from the first Monday in June. I should be happy and overjoyed that I’m steps away from Onederland again. However, I am not. I haven’t lost this weight the correct and healthy way. My diet has consisted of 10 Doritos, 5 Pringles, 3 spoonfuls of beans and nuts for the past couple of days.

Culturally, depression is taboo. Who has that made up illness, just get over it. They say. Today I woke up with my heart in my throat and I had a legit panic attack. Nothing triggered the feeling but my thoughts gave it more fuel. I laid on my bed debating if I should call in or not, but I went into work. I was crying and just not being well. I office with our psychologist so she said just to try walking or a mild antidepressant. So, it took me a couple of hours but I grew the balls to call my PCP. tomorrow I have an appointment for antidepressants and that within itself kind of shames me, but why? Because Hispanic culture says it to be so? I already go against most cultural norms like not having a child or not being married at my age. So why does this feel humiliating?

I can’t cope. I need help.


Today I’m 216.8

That’s the lowest weight I’ve been since restarting this tumblr. Because I feel like the lowest. I can’t even handle it. I feel like I’m going to break down at any moment and shrivel up and die.

Today is another day

I’m feeling really down. And I feel like my band is reflecting upon my sadness. I have like the feeling that my stomach is turning inside out and coming out through my throat. Food has been difficult.

Today’s weight is 218.7

Fill this mornin’

I woke up to battle Houston traffic to get a fill today up .5 to make it a total of 4.5 ccs in my band. I was down 3.5 pounds from my last fill so that’s something. I’m currently 219.3 on my scale.

I’ve been MIA because I was broken up with. I gained weight from DC and I lost 8 pounds last week alone. But then I felt better and I’m back up 4 pounds lol.

Well, my blog isn’t so much personal as WLS so here is my food for today


Protein shake
Tuna cakes
Chicken from nom nom paleo

Snack- maple walnuts and popcorn

No Zumba for me today as I had a angry meltdown about life in general.

Went to DC and came back gained 4 pounds. Decided to go with a dress I wore for our company christmas party. Good choice as the dress is flattering. 

SO today I weighed in at 226.9

I’ve decided to place myself on liquids for a week. This I am doing because EVERY SINGLE TIME I have returned from a flight back him my band goes out of whack, and everything goes to shit. I end up getting an emergency unfill. 

B - BP Coffee and an extra cup of coffee

L - tropical vanilla protein shake

D - blended chicken soup

S - a couple of bites of this paleo mug cake

Tuesday may 27
Breakfast-fruit protein shake
Lunch - GF enchilada + avocado
Dinner - shown above mashed sweet potato, chicken of one drumstick and BBQ sauce. I’m obsessed.
Snack- nuts and some gingersnaps
Workout-Zumba, the instructor makes me happy even though I’m not graceful

Last week was a bummer. One of my good friends got let go from work. Sucks cause she pushed for me to be in my current position. Seems like a funeral happened party of 3 (my two friends and I were closest to her). Everyone else is gossiping and speculating as to what happened. Everyone is shocked and appalled.

I decided to be adventurous today. I got my eyebrows threaded. I saw the sign that there was a $10 min for cc transactions so I opted for both eyebrow and upper lip. It was the biggest mistake of my life. It felt like my lip was on fire for an hour. After that fiasco I went to get shellac and as adventurous as I was feeling I asked for almond shape. I’m happy with my decision.


I went to the mall to try on dresses to wear for my aunts wedding. I was really excited to see the Zooey Dechanel line had my size. I love her and I wanted all of the dresses. So I picked up my size and went to the dressing room. I thought maybe it was the cut of my dress. So I tried on another one from the line. No luck. We then went to forever 21 - only the plus size section fits so I had 3 choices. Then I started crying in the store and I cried on the way home. This 50 pound gain has ruined me. Why aren’t I motivated enough to shed the weight again?